Starting Again

I’m starting over, again.  I have been very busy living my life. Almost everyday I have thought of you and then promptly told myself “I will blog later.”  So many things have happened this first half of the year – good things, great things!

I was looking forward to the slower pace of summer only to find that we are moving at lightening speed through each and every day.   We have yet to slow down. 

I have been wanting to steal a few quiet moments and write, but those quiet moments have been few and far between. At the moment, I’m sitting in the middle of a music store. I can hear my son fumbling through his guitar lesson on my right and I can hear my daughter squeaking through her clarinet lesson on my left. This is as quiet as it gets. 

So for now I just breathe, in-out-in-out, and thank God for all his wonderful provisions.  The quiet moments will eventually come. Till then I will just enjoy the blessings of busy.