False Idols

Today is Father’s Day.  I had intended on writing a post about the Fathers in my life.  I started the post, but I was stuck and having a hard time progressing.  I had decided that after Church today, I would finish the post.  Then as I sat through the sermon today, I realized that my post for today would be on something completely different.

We have been going through the Book of Judges.  Today we were in Judges chapter 6.  The Israelites cry out to the Lord from their oppression and the Lord sends a prophet.  The prophet lectures the people on their sin – their sin of worshipping false idols.  My ears instantly perked up when I heard this.  Just a few days ago, I had written about how I had resigned and walked away from my job because I felt like I worshipped it as a false idol.  This idea of my job being a false idol for me had been rattling around in my heart for awhile, way before we started the Book of Judges.  For almost a month before I resigned, I wrestled with this idea of false idolatry and then I gave a one month notice of my resignation.  So almost eight weeks before the message of today’s sermon, I had already started to struggle with this idea of my job being a false idol.

God had planted this seed in my heart, the seed of Faith and the only way my Faith could grow larger was for me to remove the weeds that threatened to choke it out.  Those weeds are the false idols that I have allowed to grow there.  I find it interesting that Pastor Todd touched on that today.  God uses those around me  to communicate His message clearly and today I heard the Lord tell me that I made the correct decision.  I did not make the easy decision.  I did not make the popular decision.  I made the “Christ” decision.  I will follow Him and I will worship Him with my thoughts, my words and my actions.  I will continue to destroy the idols of this life and replace them with Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior who died upon the cross so that I may live eternally with Him.

Lord, give me a disgust for my sin.  Help me to recognize my sin for what it is and to destroy those idols in my life that lead me to sin against you.  I come to you humbled and repentant and I ask for your favor and your guidance as I continue to make this transition in my life and the life of my family.  I am not asking for the easy life.  I know that to walk with You is not easy.  I ask for the strength and the courage to turn my back on my idols and to live by the strength of my Faith in You.  Amen.