The Best Laid Plans

Thank-you Lord Jesus for providing for us in our time of need.  I am aware that I am always looking for everything around me to be perfect.  I am aware that only You are perfection.  Even when my plans do not go as I desire, help me to see that they are only a small thread in this tapestry of what we call the world.  While things may seem big and out of control to me, you know what plans you have for me.  I can choose to wallow in sorrow with our current circumstances or I can choose to glorify Your name and to be grateful for what you have provided.  Today I choose to be grateful.  Amen

Yesterday, was just one of “those” days.  One of those days that was perfectly planned and then just fell apart.  One of those days that no matter how you tried to hold it all together, you just can’t carry it all.  I have spent today trying to complete what did not happen yesterday.  I have been extremely unsuccessful now for two days in a row.  I think for now, I will just plan to pick up and start tomorrow where tomorrow should be and just let yesterday and today’s to-do items just fall off the list and not be done.  I will let the days remain unfinished!