The Creative Side

One of the things that I promised that I would do with this transition is to feed the creative side of my family.  I am not really very creative.  I have moments of inspiration that are fueled by Pinterest and that is about as good as my creativity goes.  With that being said, I have made creativity one of my missions for my family.  Of course, there are many ways to be creative.  To be creative is to create.  One can make almost anything.  I can make dinner.  The sheer act of making dinner is creating a meal.  Now if I was to be judged on the uniqueness of the meal and how different it was from the meal the previous day, you would say I am not very creative. However, I digress from the real reason for my post today.

I believe that we all have within us an innate desire to create, to make and to leave little pieces of ourselves behind.  I would like to foster this in my children.  I want them to not be afraid to show off their creative sides.  I want them to be willing to share, even if it is something seemingly little and insignificant.  I also want them to realize that creating does not have to be expensive or always on a grand scale.

This past weekend, we celebrated five birthdays.  We had already decided that the gift of choice would be money.  I know, not much thought or creativity with that, don’t judge,.  You’ll find it’s my gift of choice frequently.  We can talk about that more at a later date.  I wanted to do something a little different than the standard card so I went to my Pinterest page and found a craft that I had been wanting to try.  The card I originally pinned came from The Happy Scraps.   I had pinned it 3 years ago.  The only part of the original pin that I copied was the money rolled up into a candle, everything else was my own design/idea.  I borrowed my sister’s cricut and found a cupcake pattern and then figured out how to cut the name of the individual out of the center and then I glued the two pieces together.  This made the base.  I then took the money and rolled it around a toothpick so that it would be a tight roll.  I let the roll open up just enough so the toothpick would come out and then I wrapped washi tape around the lower half of the roll.  I cut a flame out of paper and put it on top of the money candle and there you have it, a simple, card that we made together.  Nothing grand or elaborate but a creative endeavor indeed.