A Joyful Noise

i am in Haiti tonight and I thought I would share one of the most amazing experiences that I had today.  I was at the medical clinic.  

 We had walked down to see a three week old baby that had been brought in. As the exam was wrapping up, I heard this singing and I walked out of the room to see three Haitian women standing in the middle of the room and they were praising God. I wish I could understand their songs and their prayers. I understood Jezi, which is Creole for Jesus. I moved in the room and sat on the bench and lowered my head and listened and prayed with them. When they finished they shook each other’s hands and then shook my hand and said “God bless”. I was touched and deeply moved by the whole experience. Everyone here lives with such joy. I have been blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to spend time here with these people. This experience is something I will not soon forget.