About the only thing that I find I am consistent at is inconsistency,  I start something, do really well for a few days and then I miss a day here and then I miss a day there and then the next thing you know, I’ve missed a whole week and then it’s been a month and then it’s been a year.

It all comes down to habits.  We all have them – good, bad and ugly.  Most of what I do, I do out of habit.  I do have some really good habits and I do have some really bad habits.  I’ve been working on converting some of those bad habits into better habits.  It takes time.  I am aware of that.  When I catch myself in the middle of doing something that I said I was not going to do anymore, I try to not be too hard on myself.  I throw up a quick prayer for strength and then work on flipping the switch to do the better habit.

What does all this have to do with consistency?  My habits are the result of my routines.  My routines create consistent patterns of actions.  As I change my routines, I find it easier to change my habits or better yet to replace my not so good habits with better ones.  What I am finding at the moment, is that I have slipped out of my routines and I have been wandering aimlessly through my days.  I am going to write it off as a holiday weekend.  I am going to say that it all was the result of us all being off and home together.  I know that is not 100% correct but for now, that is what I am going with.

My goal for this week is to get back to some consistency and to create a few new routines within my mornings so that I can change some bad habits into some better habits.  If you are wondering about how my meal planning went last week,  I was able to get a few things down on paper and some groceries bought.  However, here we are at Monday again and I have not a plan in sight.  That is on my list of things to accomplish today.  Just an example of routines and a procrastination habit that I am trying to get out of.

So dear Lord, here we are again.  It’s Monday, the first day of the week!  I typically start so slow on Mondays.  I spend the day planning for the week with not much action.  Help me to change that.  Help me to attack this day with energy and a desire to do great things in Your name.  Things like laundry and dishes and dusting and the all so ever dreaded meal planning.  Guide me and direct me.  Help me to stay the course.  Help me with patience with my children today as we interact and play.  Light a passion for You in our hearts so that others may see You in our actions, for You are my Savior and my Redeemer and I want the world to know You as I know You. Amen!