The Dining Room Table

After my Dad passed away, my Mom decided that it was time to downsize into a smaller home.  My Mom blessed us with this beautiful table.  It will sit up to 10 people for a meal.  This table was only used by my parents when they were hosting family functions.  We would play card games or board games at this table and then when it was time to eat, we would hope that we were fortunate enough to get a seat at this table, otherwise, you would be at a card table off to the side or worse yet, on a TV tray in a completely different room.


IMG_0061Once we brought the table home, I envisioned us gathering around it at least a couple of nights a week to eat a meal together, but instead, it became just another work station.  I set up my work laptop, portable printer and scanner and all my work things and here I would work.  My children also used this as a work space.

Using the table for work is not really the problem, the problem is that we never put anything up and the surface stayed cluttered with papers and electronics and eventually just became a surface that just collected and held more of our j-u-n-k.  I wanted so much more for that space.

When I left my job, this is one of the first areas that I tackled.  Since I had turned in all of my work equipment on my last day, those items were already gone.  I then just had to tackle what was remaining on the surface of the table which was graduation cards, thank-you cards and old envelopes.  All of those things were sorted and disposed of properly and there you have it – the area I dreamed of.  A dining room table that looks like a dining room table.  A place that we can sit down at and where we can share a meal and a story without having to complete a major cleaning project before hand.  All the clutter is gone and my family now gathers for many meals here.  Our life has been greatly enhanced.

My oldest son’s best friend just had a birthday.  I cooked a meal for him and made him a strawberry cake (his favorite) and we were able to open up the table to seat 8 people and have a meal together.  Then again, just recently, my family stayed up late into the night playing chicken foot at this table.  All of us gathered around, each with our own chair, laughing, enjoying each other’s company and learning life’s lessons.  Memories being made around the dining room table.

Lord, I thank You for the blessing of the dining room table and what it symbolizes – the place where we break bread and share life as a family.  I am so grateful for the opportunities to share life with my family around this table.  I am grateful that we can share You around this table.  Bless all families as they gather together around whatever “table” they have.  May they come to know You as their Lord and Savior as we have come to know You.  Amen!