The Headache

I know, I know, I know. . .

I said that I would be more consistent.  I said that I would post during the week and then after two days, I missed a day.  I have a really good excuse, honestly, I do. . . well, really, maybe not. . .

I have a headache.  I woke up Tuesday morning with this headache and here it is on Thursday and I still have this headache.  I have taken all kinds of medicine in an attempt to get rid of this headache and nothing has worked.  Yesterday was the worst of the pain.  Today, at least I can function.  The headache has gone from a stabbing pain behind my right eye that then traveled through my brain to the back of my head to just a dull thud and it is squeezing across my forehead from temple to temple.  This is a significant improvement from yesterday.

I am fairly confident that this headache is a result of a change I made in my diet.  I decided to cut caffeine and to cut white processed foods (sugar & flour).  My body is extremely unhappy and it is letting me know by the way of this toxic headache.  Having this headache made it extremely difficult for me to function yesterday.  In matter of fact, I did not function.  I laid on the couch and tried to read, but doing anything that required the use of my vision was painful.  So, I closed my eyes and took a nap.  As I laid there, not doing anything, I wondered about those individuals who are undergoing cancer treatments and those who have various other medical conditions that cause them great amounts of pain and yet, you see them, everyday, participating in life with a smile on their face, refusing to let their medical issues interfere with their lives.  This thought actually makes me pause this morning.

The world is full of suffering.  I can take my suffering and I can wallow around in it and stay there all miserable or I can take my suffering and I can use it to glorify God.  Suffering makes us stronger.  Suffering gives us a common thread with others.  Jesus suffered for us and he did it willingly so that we all could share in His heavenly home.  Suffering takes many shapes and forms.  Many times suffering comes in the shape of a broken heart or a broken spirit.  Give those sufferings to God and let Him use you and your life to encourage others and to be a light shining in the darkness for others to use.

Lord, I ask that you please lay a hand on those who are suffering today.  Give them the strength and the courage to smile and to glorify Your name.  Our suffering here on this earth is temporary.  I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. Romans 8:18.  Help us to have faith in Your plan for us so that others may see You through our actions and come to know Your redeeming grace. Amen