New Beginnings

There is something about a box of crayons that just screams new beginnings to me. I think it is because a box of crayons always seems to be on the school supply list and buying crayons means back to school.  Back to school means the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year and the beginning of new possibilities.

This past week has just been full of new beginnings for our family.  All three of my children returned to school this week.  My oldest moved three hours away and started his freshman year of college.  My middle child started junior high and my youngest started sixth grade.  Each of them entering into a whole new world of new beginnings.  They were not the only ones beginning new this year.  I also embarked on two new journeys this week.  I started not one, but two, new jobs this week.  One new beginning has me teaching at the local community college as an adjunct instructor two days a week and the other new beginning has me providing occupational therapy services for a school district three days a week.  I am primarily working with young adults in high school.  This is quite a change from what I have been doing for the last seven years.

This whole past week has been such a challenge.  The learning curve is steep and I have been running just to keep up with my daily responsibilities.  I have failed miserably with keeping all the balls in the air; mainly because I have just been too tired to juggle.  Each day, I would get home, intending to just sit for a moment and then just completely passing out from sheer exhaustion.  I forgot how hard this working thing was.

In all honesty, I’ve been rather fearful of returning to work.  I’m afraid that, like an addict, I will return to my old ways; that I will once again, sacrifice my time and my family, at the alter of this false idol called work.  Keeping it all in balance is a rather difficult thing to do.

Lord, I am so grateful for the opportunities that you have blessed us with – the opportunities to send my children to college, the opportunities for my children to receive a public education with well qualified teachers and the opportunities to work and to earn a living to support my family.  Please be with all of us.  Help us to find perspective and to remember that You should always be number one in our lives.  Help us to be brave and strong in our new beginnings.  Guide us so that we may be a reflection of You.  May others see You through our actions and our words and when the weight of this world becomes heavy and we need a helping hand to keep us on Your path, please send us those supports so that one day we may walk with You our Lord and Savior in heaven.  Amen!