Reaching Out

Never underestimate the power of reaching out to someone.  Do not be afraid to offer an encouraging word or to offer a helping hand.  I have spent a few extra moments each morning reaching out to someone and offering some words of encouragement.

Crazy thing is that in reaching out to them, I actually was able to find the words and the strength that I needed to get me through a crazy little bump in the road that I have been experiencing myself.  That’s the great thing about God and His plans, by helping others, we in turn can help ourselves.  By putting others ahead of us, by letting others know that they are loved and wanted and needed, we can in turn remember and learn the same for ourselves.

Lord, I once again come before You, completely humbled by Your grace and mercy.  Thank you so very much for giving me the opportunity to serve others.  It was so simple.  Just a text message to let them know they are loved and they are worthy of Your grace and Your mercy.  Continue to use me, to mold me, to shape me into the person that You want me to be.  Please continue to open my eyes to the opportunities that You place in front of me – opportunities to serve others, opportunities to be Your hands and Your feet.  May people see You in my actions and may they come to know the redeeming love and grace that can be experienced by repenting of their sins  and accepting You as their Lord and Savior.  Amen