Ready, Willing, Able

I originally wrote this post in June.  I’ve just been holding onto to it for some reason.  Today I decided to set this post free.  The ideas and the thoughts came from the sermon that Pastor Todd gave about Shamgar  in the Book of Judges, Chapter 3 verse 31.

God is moving me, directing me, guiding me down a path that I have prayed for. Now don’t get me wrong, I did not pray for God to do exactly this. My prayer was more along the lines of show me Your way and I will follow.

So here I am, not at a place I really ever expected to be. I am scared. I am taking a huge leap of faith, but I know in my heart, that this, this here, the path that I am on is the correct path. This is His path, the path that He wants for me right now at this time.

Be Ready, Be Willing, Be Able

Am I ready? When God calls, I have to be ready to respond. I have to be prepared. I correlate this to Emergency Preparedness. We live in Texas. More than once this spring, we had to crowd into our tornado closet and wait out the storm that was blowing through. The very first time, we were not ready. The closet was stuffed with so much junk that we had no room for ourselves. The tornado sirens are going off and I was frantically pulling items out so that we could safely get in. During the midst of the storm is not the time to get ready. One must prep and prepare ahead of time. Just accepting Christ as your Lord and Savior is a huge step in preparing for God’s work. Staying in his word on a daily basis is also very important. Practicing your Christian faith moment by moment also prepares us and helps us to be ready. Recognizing your weaknesses and working to make those areas stronger. Getting ready is an ongoing process. My son’s high school football team has a slogan. . . “We stay ready, so we don’t have to get ready.”. This concept is very applicable here.

Am I willing? Do I have the courage I need to overcome my fears in order to serve the Lord? This is my greatest struggle right now. I am so afraid. I am also a perfectionist. I want everything to be just right, just perfect before I commit. Pastor Todd encourages us to “Grow where you are planted.”. In every season, in every mess, in everything – we can serve the Lord. It is actually in our messiness and our brokenness that God can use us the best. We should also use the tools that we have available to us at the moment. Some of the best life lessons that I have learned and have taught, happened on a whim. They were spur of the moment without fancy tools or well thought out speeches. God can and will use me where I am and with what I have. I only have to be willing to say “yes” when He calls upon me.

Am I able? I am able because God makes me able. God makes all things possible. As long as I am Ready and as long as I am Willing, God will make me Able.

So, now it is time. Time for me to step out in faith and be willing to let God use me. I am Ready, I am Willing and God will make me Able.