The Pity Party

I have been one crazy mama since I’ve been back from Haiti.  There have been quite a few things going on within our family.  My oldest was preparing to leave for college.  My middle child was preparing to go into junior high and my baby, well, she was letting us all know how jam packed her extra-curricular life will be as a sixth grader.  Life was moving on at break-neck speed.  I thought I was handling everything well.  I was excited for Boudroux to be leaving for college.  He wanted to play college football and he was getting that opportunity.  Him leaving the nest and moving three hours away was a little hard to swallow, but I thought that I was handling it fine, but then it happened. . .

It was Sunday.  We sat with our Sunday school class and it was time for prayer requests.  I spoke up, wanting to ask for prayers for my Boudroux and all other college students as they left home but what came out was a squeak and my eyes watered up and I could not get the words out.  This kicked off an almost week long pity party for myself.  Me wallowing in my sadness and completely falling apart each time I thought about how unfair it was that I had to get older and my children had to grow up.

Move in Day
Move in Day

Wednesday was the big day.  We loaded up the family and we made the three hour trek to Boudroux’s new home.  We moved him in, ate one last meal together and then we drove off, leaving him there.  Surprisingly enough, the day went smoothly and I did well.  There were a few moments when the lump appeared in my throat and I struggled to breath, but I held it together.  Boudroux was starting a new chapter in his life and I was very excited for him.

On Thursday morning, I got up and was going through my regular morning routine.  I was in the kitchen, I opened the blinds over the sink and the first thought that went through my head was, “Funny, Boudroux must have left really early this morning to go run, I did not even hear him leave.”  No sooner had the thought popped in my head when I realized that he had moved and that his truck was not parked outside because it was parked three hours away.  Cue the water works.

So I have been moping around the house for two full days.  This morning when I hopped on Facebook, a “memory” from five years ago popped up.  The picture above was there.  A picture of my daughter standing on the beach and I suddenly realized that I needed to get out of this funk.  No more pity party.  Time does not stand still or wait.  I can waste my days feeling sorry for myself or I can get up and make many more great memories.  Time to move!

Lord, I ask that you please bless all college students, especially those leaving home for the first time.  Please give their Moms and Dads the courage to let go and to let You be in control.  I pray that those who do not know You, come to find You and that those who already walk in the knowledge of Your redeeming grace, remember that You are the almighty and powerful One and that through You, all things are possible! Amen