“I can do it myself. . .”

I wanted to do it my way, all by myself, with no help from anyone.  I turned my back and I said “NO! I can do it by myself!”  I probably looked much like a two or three year old when they insist on doing things on their own, with no help from anyone.

I fretted and worried about how I would do this on my own but I refused to stop and ask for help.  I just kept struggling.  How in the world would I get this completed.  What a crazy thing to try on my own.  Finally, in a moment of utter fear and desperation, I cried out, and much like a parent who is there for their stubborn little one, God showed up in a big way to show me how to “do”, what I was trying to figure out on my own.  How much easier would life be if I would just lean in on Him for my support.

Lord, You are my rock.  You are my salvation.  You are my path to eternal life. Thank you for not giving up on me, for not turning Your back when I turned my back to You.  Thank you for for being there and listening and guiding and showing me the way when I finally came to my senses and realized that I needed You.  Help me to find the courage to lean on You, to trust You, to let go of this world and my worldly expectations and to turn my face to Your light and Your glory because it is by Your saving grace that I am granted the opportunity to live eternally.  Amen