Falling off the Earth

Yes, I fell off the face of the Earth. . .

Don’t ask me where I went, I don’t know if I really know.

Actually, I have been so caught up in LIFE and all of it’s busyness, that I have forgotten to sit down here.  Things are just busy – not crazy busy, pull out my hair busy, just busy.  We have things every night of the week, all of them centering around either the children or church.

I would not trade any of it.  I have been focused on decreasing the “stuff” in our home.  Just last weekend, we dumped 6 bags of trash and 6 boxes of donated items, mostly all from one child’s room.  It is such a great feeling to get this stuff out of the house.

My friend Rhonda is back in Haiti this week.  Please pray for her if you get a little time.  I know that she would appreciate your prayers.

Lord, life continually moves forward.  Time does not slow down or stop for anyone, except for You.  I am so grateful for this precious gift of time that You have given me here on this earth.  Guide me to use this precious commodity in a way that brings You glory.  As I go about my life this upcoming week, reveal to me the path that I should take.  I ask that you highlight just one step at a time so that I may focus on that one step and not become overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task in front of me.  I am content in the knowledge that You have a plan for my life and that I just need to trust in You to reveal that plan when the time is right.  You are amazing and I love You greatly for You have provided all that we need.  Amen.